A Winter Survival Kit for Your Vehicle

At Ron Marhofer Mitsubishi, we like to give our community tips for safe winter driving. A survival kit that you store in your vehicle is something that is important for driving in cities like ours. Preparing an emergency kit is easy and is nice to have when you need it.

Your kit should include items for cold weather. Gloves, extra clothes, blankets, hats, and boots are vital if you have to walk in the weather. Water is needed to stay hydrated and have good energy. Food will keep everyone comfortable and warm if you have to walk or wait for help.

Winter readiness for your vehicle is necessary for safe driving. Include jumper cables, a spare tire, a tow rope, rags, and flares in your survival kit. A portable cell phone charger is a good idea in an emergency! You should also include a snow shovel, ice scraper, and cat litter for traction if you get stuck.



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