Protect Your Vehicle from Road Salt

While you're driving during the winter months, it's possible that there will be salt on the roads. Fortunately, you can protect your vehicle from salt corrosion with a few helpful tips. It's important to protect your vehicle from salt because the substance can begin to deteriorate the paint and other components of your vehicle.

Soon after driving on a road that is covered in salt, take your vehicle to a car wash. Clean the undercarriage of your vehicle along with the tires and other crevices where salt can easily hide. Washing your vehicle about once a week when there are snow and ice on the roads can help in keeping the salt content at bay.

After washing your vehicle, open and close the doors several times to prevent them from freezing. If you know that there is snow on the road, avoid driving in deep areas as the snow can get packed underneath your vehicle. When there's snow on the ground, there is usually salt as well, which will also be packed under your vehicle. Ron Marhofer Mitsubishi can examine your car for any rust or damaged areas that are beginning to form.



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