Types of Winter Tires

Winter or snow tires generally fall into one of three categories. The first is studdable winter tires. These are tires that are designed to accept optional metal studs that increase traction when driving on an icy road. They will certainly keep you from sliding around, and they work well enough on snowy roads even without the studs, but many states only allow the studs to be used during the winter when they don't outlaw them at all due to the damage that they can do to asphalt roads.

Studless winter tires are meant to provide proper traction on icy and snowy roads without the metal studs. They are designed to work even in the harshest winter conditions, and it's been said that driving through snow with them feels like driving through rain. Finally, performance winter tires provide some added traction to vehicles in the ice and snow, but not as much as other types of winter tires. The tradeoff is that they handle a bit better and allow drivers to go faster on open roads, making them ideal for mild winter driving.

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