Save Time and Money: Check Your Timing Belt

Automobile engines require routine maintenance to keep them running at their best, but one often overlooked area is the belt system. One extremely important belt is the timing belt, below is an explanation of what a timing belt is and when it should be replaced:

  • Timing Belt- The timing belt is responsible for keeping certain engine parts running at a synchronized rate; if this belt breaks it can cause extensive and costly damage to your automobiles engine.
  • Maintenance: Since the timing belt is critical to keeping your automobile engine running, it should be routinely inspected to make sure it is not wearing out. Signs of wear can include cracking, splitting, fraying, or it has become too loose. If you notice any of these signs replace the timing belt immediately. Timing belts usually need to be changed anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000 miles, but since the belt is made of rubber it can become damaged at anytime.

At Ron Marhofer Mitsubishi we know how important your automobiles timing belt is, if you have any questions or concerns regarding you timing belt come visit our service center in Cuyahoga and speak with one of our experts.

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