Avoid a Low Fuel Tank During Winter

Most drivers will agree that sudden vehicle repairs can be quite taxing on our wallet. Add that to an already costly holiday season, and the mixture can be quite frustrating. Experts agree that a small vehicle practice can save you money in the long run. By keeping your vehicle out of the shop and avoiding costly repairs, your wallet can remain untouched.

So what's the secret? What may be seen as a surprise to some, others know the importance of full fuel tank. An empty or low fill tank during winter can result in the development of frozen condensation in your fuel tank. Once the cold winter weather interacts with the condensation, the condensation may freeze. Once frozen, the condensation can also freeze the fuel line.

These effects will prevent your vehicle from starting up and may result in an unexpected vehicle repair cost. Drivers looking to avoid unnecessary repair cost should always fill their tank during winter. We’re happy to provide important seasonal maintenance tips here at Ron Marhofer Mitsubishi!

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