The Importance of Windshield Wiper Replacement this Season

The windshield wipers on your car have been working hard over the winter to keep your field of vision clear when you are driving. Here are some reasons it might be time to get new wipers installed. During the winter, windshield wiper blades have to work harder to move snow off the glass. That added pressure can cause the arm to bend and will make it more difficult for the rubber to meet the glass. Now when you need your wipers in a pinch, streaks and glare make it impossible to see clearly.

During extreme weather conditions, the rubber of the wipers is going to be compromised over time. Once the rubber begins to harden and crack, it will not be able to flex and keep the rain off the surface of the glass.

Visit Ron Marhofer Mitsubishi and our service professionals will remove and replace your windshield wiper blades in short order.

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